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Prisoner Handicuff Binding with Goa Call Girls

These sounds like the kind of closeness Goa escorts are all used to and enjoy. This method is also known as “double wrist binding,” which isn’t exactly a mouthful that piques people’s interest. This knot is tied in a slightly more difficult manner than the one used to bind a single wrist. It binds both wrists together in a handcuff position rather than securing one wrist.

During sexual activity, the sub’s hands will do very little if any. This is true regardless of where they place them: on their heads, behind their backs, or elsewhere. When women’s hands are tied behind their backs, they form an arch. This is one of the reasons why even the most basic form of Japanese bondage is held in such high regard. You can ensure that call girls in Goa slaves cannot move by adding the Surgeon’s knot to your binding skills.

Leg tying

Let’s not get into what people wear on their wrists. You and your sub appear to be prepared for a more difficult challenge. The submissive must first sit on the floor with their legs bent before the leg tie can be applied. This allows you to connect their thighs and lower legs. You may be aware that one goal of Japanese bondage is to make the skin appear to have clear lines. To keep things looking balanced, treat both legs the same.

They can only make the most basic and still movements because their knees are tied and their legs are open. It is explained why it is known as the “Frog Tie.” Even so, their crotch is exposed, making them fair game for whatever bad things you want to do.


Leg tying knot is no exception. The best way to learn how to tie it is to practice. Because the technique is still in its early stages, it is more important to enjoy its benefits than to be concerned about pain and discomfort. Whatever BDSM you decide to get involved in, you can never go wrong with Goa escort girls.

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